Rabu, 24 April 2013

Dilemma Between Carreer and Family

Yesterday I met my mentor, it was a good reunion between us. We chit chat about everything. In the end, he offered me a position in his team. Officially, he is under stressful condition, beside lack of manpower, he also has to manage a few teams in different places. That's why he ask me to move under his command. He said that he needs a coordinators for his teams. I think it's a good offer to pick. Buuuutttt... There is always but in a good moment, right?

But, the roster run there is 16-2. It means that I will have to spend 16 weeks in the middke of jungle and then spend 2 weeks to take a field break. Well, I think it's too inhumanity to leave my family for 16 weeks.

What should I do guys?
I think I will leave the rest to Allah, may Allah show me a good way to live

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