Selasa, 03 April 2012

New Life for Ega Mada

Fiuuhh.. I think it took 3 months just to finish another posting on my blog. It's getting busy and busy everyday. So I forgot to write some story.

For the past 3 months, there are looottttsss of changing in my life. Not just hobby, but also a place to live. I just discover another activity for my hobby, it's photography. Nowadays, I am  being crazy about taking picture of anything beautiful, flowers, insects, bugs, birds, etc. I chase them just to make a picture of them. And i really love my new hobby. Here are some picture that I took a few weeks ago. Any comment? Just give it a shot.

Beside my hobby, I just got moved to a new place to stay, my new dormitory, Building N at Lati Mine Operation, Berau. I have to share my room with one of my colleague. My room isn't so small at all, but not too big so anyone can enter my room. Just good enough for me to stay as long as I live here. I hope my new room give me new spirit and also new life to live.

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